Renovating for Less

Thinking about renovating your home and your biggest concern is getting everything you want in a very tight budget?


Here are some of my simple tips and tricks to refurbish your space without breaking the bank.




All you have to do is to strategic PLAN about the material, design, and timing of your big renovation project.


Detailing what projects you want to tackle and how much you want to spend. That will help you stay on track throughout the remodel.


Maybe think about if you want to live through the reno as well?


Check the final value of the houses on the market and make sure you don't overcapitalize it. What you plan on spending should never be more than renovated houses in the area. As a guide, I suggest you spend around 10% of the value of your home.


You will never know if you are going over budget unless you track it  -  so it is always good to keep a spreadsheet or something similar.

 The biggest bang for your buck


Cleaning  - Before making any changes in the house, it is best to put everything away where it belongs and simply clean up the place. Your place will look better immediately.

Also, by cleaning, you get the opportunity to see how things are arranged and think of ways to simply rearrange the furniture or choose a better location of stored belongings to make it more effective or pleasing to the eye.




Painting is one of the best ways for house sellers to make their home appear more valuable to buyers – at minimal cost.


A fresh coat of paint, both inside and out, can add value to your home and make it look heaps better. Don’t forget doors, baseboards, ceilings and any other areas that could use livening up.


Buying paint in bulk is cheapest, so choosing a color that will work in many rooms means you can buy a larger tin of paint.


Use a buyer group to  get things for less (e.g. RenoSave has trade accounts with Wattyl)




Kitchens – If you want to spice things up with a stylish showpiece in your home, the kitchen is the hottest place to be!


The majority of those renovating their kitchen are upgrading appliances. You can buy from commercial places like Appliances Online or Buy seconds from 2nds World (Renosave has connections with all these companies)


Tiles are one of the cheapest options for transforming that space behind your cooker and benchtops - the splashback.


Brand new stainless steel handles on kitchen cabinets can give your home a spiffy look, and they’re both inexpensive and easy to install. Just make sure  to measure the hole distance so you don’t have to redrill.


You can use Rustoeum paint for $3-400 to  get an amazing finish. If you are handy, you can also use a new timber bench using Bunning benchtops from only $99 for real timber you can oil or put a 2 pack on for that great WOW factor!


So have a look at your benchtop today and decide if an upgrade might give your kitchen a much fresher appearance.


Don’t forget the doors as well - sometimes a paint will do it or maybe get that cabinet maker to cut some new doors using your old ones as a pattern.




The Bathroom

You don’t have to update your whole bathroom design to make it seem like it has had a makeover. Changing out your old vanity is not only budget friendly, it will give your bathroom a totally different feel.

Reduce the yucky things in your bathroom design by regrouting and replacing the silicone seal for your tiles to make it look like new

If the tiles looked oldies but are good  - just repaint them with white night tile paint  -  go a white or modern light colour and you're good!


To give the bathroom more personality, replace awful and outdated vanity and mirror . The larger the mirror, the more light and colour it reflects, making the room seem bigger. It’s just an illusion which helps to add a touch of luxury.


Flooring  - If you have wood floors currently, just refinish them.


You can also try using lay vinyl tiles  - it's cheap and it looks great!





Clean your curtains It sounds simple, but if you can’t even remember the last time you did this (if ever!), it’s definitely time.


And if your curtains are so hideous that even a cleaning won’t make them attractive, lash out and buy some new blinds – it can make a huge difference. Blinds generally cost less and give a more modern look.




Old carpet can really let a room down. If it’s in OK condition, give it a good clean – hire a steam cleaner to cut costs.


Consider replacing faded, worn carpets or worn vinyl flooring with more modern options. It’s easy to transform a room into a more appealing space by renewing a floor.

Other Areas




Clean and de-clutter - A good cleaning really makes a big difference. It is also a good call if you are wanting to renovate .

Getting rid of clutter will also clear up space and will make the rooms look bigger than they did when they were crammed with things.

You may find that moving items from one room to another will help clear up the space and make your home more functional without having to spend a single penny.

And by following these simple money saving techniques you can remodel and get your dream home by staying within your budget.



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