Smart technology lets your home do the thinking

Huge advances in wireless home automation systems put the handling and management of a property’s electric services such as security, lighting, access control, temperature control, irrigation and domestic appliances in the palm of your hand.  In fact, much of the time, smart home systems operate perfectly without any regular human intervention – leaving you to do the fun stuff that really matters! 

You’re forgiven if you think that that sounds like science fiction – but it’s a reality.  And you’ll find that the reality of new generation ‘smart home’ technology is surprisingly accessible and affordable. It can be retrofitted into an existing home.

Let’s look at what smart home technology is all about.

Imagine being able to turn on the lighting in your home with your voice.  Switching the mood from sultry and laid-back with the lights on low to party central with strobes and beats – all with a simple voice command. 

Imagine a home where the ventilation and heating are controlled remotely and where the system distinguishes between day and night as well as the temperature shifts of the different seasons.  Imagine a home which keeps a close watch on carbon monoxide levels and which monitors particulate levels so that it can automatically adjust the ventilation to achieve optimum air quality.  

Imagine a home that ‘knew’ which lights to turn on depending on the surrounding ambient light.  Imagine ‘intelligent’ lights that simulated your home being occupied when in fact, you were thousands of miles away on holiday.

Imagine an intelligent home that enables fast, and simple management of your home security.  Remote access to your security access.  Remote gate opening.  Smart door locks that can be operated from a phone or computer.   Imaging having the peace-of-mind that your loved ones are protected 24/7 with geolocation services and smart video surveillance CCTV that not only alerts you to a security breach or threat, but which actually predicts when there is possible danger.

Now imagine a home where each of these aspects are fully integrated with each another.  Where the lights work in tandem with the security system and with changing weather patterns (and of course, where the irrigation system is fully automated to adjust to seasonal shifts and the plant’s watering preferences too!).  Imagine getting an alert when the washing machine cycle is complete and your favourite TV series is set for you to simply press ‘play’.  Imagine coming home to the sound of your favourite music – and where your electric blanket has been turned on to the perfect temperature.

A smart home can be all of these things and more, but the level of automation is entirely up to you.   For some people, remote management of their security system and home alarm is all they want, whilst others choose to have all the components of their home fully integrated and automated.   

If the idea of a smart home appeals to you, why not have a chat to the experts in home automation and wireless technology, Crown Security.  They are an established leader in home automation in Perth and have a long-standing reputation for quality, affordable solutions that make life easier, simpler, safer and more comfortable.  Find them on 08 9400 6000 or visit for a closer look at the specific features and benefits of home automation.

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